Avon Anew 360 Skin Whitening System

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We have an Avon dealer in the house. I’m glad, Bam, who wanted to earn some money for herself while going to school took matters into her own hands and decided to become an Avon Lady.

Last week, she came home with the latest brochure and we spent some time drooling on all the things that can make you look beautiful. I made a list of all the make up and accessories I wanted but my list got outrageously long (and expensive) that in the end I decided to scrap it. Since my hubby didn’t want me with a painted face and added to the fact that I still don’t know how to put on make up (it’s sad fact I know because I’m already 30) I ordered something that will encourage natural beauty instead.

So what did I order?

Well, I figured that before I get make up for my face I must ensure first that the canvass (I mean my face. hihi) is smooth and blemish free. So I invested on face creams and lotions to help me achieve that. It’s still expensive but if it does what it actually says it would then it would be money well spent.

IMG 0308

This is the Anew 360 Skin Whitening System. I really didn’t want to order a whitening product but a recent bout with acne left me with some nasty scars on the face that are darker colored than my skin.

Avon Anew 360 White Intensive Correcting Serum

I also bought the Avon Anew 360 White Intensive Correcting Serum which is personally endorsed by Lea Salonga. It is said to reduce dark spots and skin discolorations which I needed.

I am excited to make a review of all these beauty products. I am keeping a picture journal so we can really see if there has been improvement in my skin or not.

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