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June 2015


Swim For Health

When the temperatures rise outside and it is officially Summer, what better way to keep fit than to go for a dip every day? Swimming is a challenge to the muscles but gentle on the joints, making it the perfect form of exercise for those experiencing the aches and pains of natural aging or the mobility impaired who struggle to walk or use fitness machines. With resistance in every direction, swimming is not just a cardiovascular workout, but also a strengthening workout for all the major groups of muscles. Continue Reading


Must Have Items To Feature In Your Garage Sale

Costume Jewelry – Bling is the single most popular item that gets snatched up quickly at any garage sale. With sparkle and pizzazz it also makes for a great display.

Regift – Have you received gifts that you just don’t know what to do with? Brand new items in original packaging are a great way to maximize profits from an item that will usually sell quickly. Continue Reading