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Problematic Exercise Solutions

Young girl silhouette Jogging on sea beach .

Participating in a fitness program is one of the best things a person can do to improve overall quality of health. It is therefore important not to wreck everything you are trying to accomplish with unnecessary injuries. Most workout injuries can be prevented by paying attention to proper positioning, technique and using challenging weight resistance rather than going too heavy. So, if you want to enjoy a toned Continue Reading


My Most Memorable New Year

Whenever the end of the year draws near, no matter how tired out I may feel from the long holiday season that began with Thanksgiving, I still get excited and want just one more party. One of my favorite New Year’s Eve memories is of an unplanned party that happened on the spur of the moment. Continue Reading


Watermelon Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July party is decorated in red, white and blue and accented with stars. For a change of pace, I’m going with a watermelon theme this year. After all, it seems we eat a truckload of watermelons throughout the party anyway. Why not let the watermelon take center stage for a change. Continue Reading


Swim For Health

When the temperatures rise outside and it is officially Summer, what better way to keep fit than to go for a dip every day? Swimming is a challenge to the muscles but gentle on the joints, making it the perfect form of exercise for those experiencing the aches and pains of natural aging or the mobility impaired who struggle to walk or use fitness machines. With resistance in every direction, swimming is not just a cardiovascular workout, but also a strengthening workout for all the major groups of muscles. Continue Reading