Must Have Items To Feature In Your Garage Sale

Costume Jewelry – Bling is the single most popular item that gets snatched up quickly at any garage sale. With sparkle and pizzazz it also makes for a great display.

Regift – Have you received gifts that you just don’t know what to do with? Brand new items in original packaging are a great way to maximize profits from an item that will usually sell quickly.

Used Clothing – Offer shoppers the option of buying by the piece or getting an even greater bargain by purchasing by the bagful. When pricing clothes that are in good condition, expect to get about twenty percent of its original price.

Collectibles – Old LPs in good condition seem to be the trending memorabilia item at the moment. Vintage metal signs are also very popular. Don’t forget about collectible toys like Barbies and Beenie Babies.

Tools – Garden tools and hand tools are always popular sellers. Clean them up and even add a bit of oil for a nice sheen to catch the shopper’s eye.

Books – Books make good sellers. To move them all and have no leftovers, sell them by lots of five or ten.

Hospitality – Many garage sale shoppers make a day of it. A full day of shopping can make anyone thirsty. Keep some cold drinks on hand and sell for a buck apiece.

Upcycle – Upcycling is a popular, crafty, decorating trend that makes larger pieces of furniture in high demand for the garage sale market. Dust off the tables and run the vacuum over the old upholstery before you put it out with a price tag.

Seasonal – If your garage sale is in the spring or summertime, expect patio furniture and lawn and garden products to go quickly. If your sale is in the fall or winter, prominently display your unwanted holiday decorations.

Having great items is just one part of the formula for a successful garage sale. Check with your local municipalities to see if there are any ordinances regarding having a garage sale and be certain you are in compliance.

You will also want to advertise. This can be done with minimal expense. Your local community website may offer a free classified ad. You can also advertise for free on Craigslist. Some communities have a Facebook page featuring local garage sales. Some organizations like churches or apartment complex newsletters will include an announcement at no charge. Invest in materials for sturdy signs and post them at high traffic intersections directing shoppers to your sale. Paper grocery bags filled with rocks are great for this. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove them.

Another sign you will want to make will say, “All Sales Final” and be displayed for all shoppers to see. This seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people will attempt a return for a refund. Also, when pricing items, remember that many shoppers will be savvy negotiators, so price high enough to leave a little haggle room.

Many great wishes for a successful garage sale!

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