Must Have Items To Feature In Your Garage Sale

Costume Jewelry – Bling is the single most popular item that gets snatched up quickly at any garage sale. With sparkle and pizzazz it also makes for a great display.

Regift – Have you received gifts that you just don’t know what to do with? Brand new items in original packaging are a great way to maximize profits from an item that will usually sell quickly. Continue Reading


Housekeeping 101

I grew up among that generation where, when it came to the house, Mom did it all. My mom was that generation where gals really didn’t have another choice. She then experienced the feminist revolution by proxy through me. Instead of encouraging me to take home economics in school, she enrolled me in welding. Rather than put a mixing bowl in my hand, she dispatched me to feed the cows and mend Continue Reading


Fragrance & Function, My Patio Garden


Before I became an empty nester and downsized to an apartment in the city, I was an avid gardener. I loved frame my home with blooming color and lush greenery. With a huge backyard, I enjoyed raised bed vegetable gardens where I grew a Spring and Winter crop. Transplanted into a new apartment, I sat on my tiny patio and thought gardening was a closed chapter in my past. Boy was I wrong. Where there’s a will there is always a way. Continue Reading


Simple Ways to Live Greener

Trying to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle does not have to be a stressful life-changing experience. You can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills by following some simple tips in your everyday life. Continue Reading


The Effects of Inflammation on Overall Health

Inflammation is a localized physical condition recognized by redness, swelling, pain and sometimes the feeling of warmth. It is often the result of injury or infection. Some forms of inflammation are obvious, such as arthritis. Other forms of inflammation, like heart disease, are hidden and only revealed through medical tests. Continue Reading